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Color Control Services was founded in 2013 with the purpose of supplying high quality products to its customers.
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About us

Color Control Services was founded in 2013. The business began small with a handful of electricians and mechanics assembling machines for our first customer, Leapfrog, a Dutch company that supplies 3D printers worldwide. The demand of our product grew, therefore the production had to keep up.

Our mission is to have an efficient production cost wise within all departments.


We plan to become one of the most proficient suppliers, trustworthy and with a high importance for Color Control B.V.


The values that guide us are constant optimization and improvement on all aspects of the business.


Color Control Services offers a wide range of services in the professional equipment industry - from manufacturing, electronics and mechanical assembly to design, CNC milling or welding.
CNC Milling
Composite parts manufacturing
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