Our Services

Color Control Services develops high quality products for its customers. Over the years as the company developed, new colleagues have joined and have contributed to the creation of new departments and a full range of services:

Design and engineering
technical consultancy


Diverse team
ISO Standards
Full production cycle


Performance audits
Continuous optimization
Management & Support

CNC Milling

Color Control Services is specialized in CNC milling – a computer numerical controlled (CNC) form of machining. This process combines drilling and cutting, achieving many of the operations performed by cutting and drilling machines.

CNC Turning

Color Control Services offers professional CNC Turning services.  In this branch of engineering the purpose is to find different mechanical solutions that helps making complex designs possible. Engineers create assemblies of many parts, and using many different materials, through CAD.


Color Control Services has experienced welding personnel that supports the customers in their production processes. Our company is specialized in different types of welding actions that cover the whole life cycle of a product, from developing one with initial welded structures to different repairing.

Electrical Panel Assembly

Color Control Services offers electrical assembly services, panel wiring, and front panel assembly services on a contractual basis. These are characterized by high performance, highly robust constructions, with an increased reliability.

Composite Manufacturing

Color Control Services particularly excels in the contract manufacturing of different parts and product components for industries such as: packaging, 3D printing or flexographic. We have a flexible business model that allows us to offer a wide range of modular parts as well as solutions for industrial equipment.

Machine Assembly

Color Control Services offers a range of complete machine assembly services, or custom machine assembly. We make use of our fabrication, welding, and CNC turning and milling services, so we can have a truly unique, versatile production line, with all steps of the manufacturing process under one roof. 

3D printing

Color Control Services is manufacturing a number of 3D printer models, each with different features and specific options, volumes and technology. From machine assembly to quality control and checking is made within the ISO certification standards.

Engineering services

Color Control Services is offering professional qualified mechanical and electrical engineering personnel that completes the range of services.